Keeping it in the Family: Egg Donation from Family Members

Generally speaking, there are two different categories of egg donations: open and anonymous. Most couples who turn to an egg donation facility in Chicago or elsewhere for help growing their families will go through anonymous donations. This means that they select the perfect donor for their families but don’t have direct communication with that donor during or after the process.

However, some women may already have someone special in mind from whom they would like to receive viable eggs. This is called an open donation, and usually takes place between two family members, whether they are sisters, cousins, or some other relation of a similar age. Barring an egg transfer between mothers and daughters, open donations are both ethically and physically acceptable, but are there any advantages of one type over the other?

From the professionals at First Smile, here are a couple of positive points for each scenario:

Anonymous Donation

  • No future confusion about parental roles: Occasionally in known donations, especially between family members, there can be some feeling of parentage between the donor and the child. Though the recipient is the one who carried the child through a full pregnancy, this situation can create certain discomforts and tensions between family members.


  • You’re still able to select the traits you value: Anonymous donation doesn’t mean that you have absolutely no information about the prospective donor. When you work with First Smile, for example, you gain access to a vast donor database, helping you make the right choice for your family.


Known Donation


  • You know all the traits of your donor from the start. Even with a list of positive traits for a prospective donor, it can be hard to know that you desire those traits unless you’ve seen them in action. Selecting a known donor, like a sister or a friend, allows you to pinpoint the traits you know and love about them.
  • You may gain a stronger bond with your donor. Egg donation is a selfless act, and giving or receiving the gift of life is an emotional experience for both parties. Simply knowing you have someone in your life who is willing to do this for you can create a stronger bond between you and can give you an extra support system to help raise your child.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing an egg donor; the right choice is the one you and your partner can agree upon. If you have more questions about egg donation or want to schedule a consultation, get in touch with the team at First Smile. Call our egg donation facility in Chicago at 847-656-5276 today.