How Long Should I Wait After a Miscarriage Before I Try Again?

A miscarriage can be a confusing and heartbreaking event for any couple. In an overwhelming majority of reported cases, miscarriages occur randomly, giving you no warning and leaving you to wonder what went wrong. Truth be told, miscarriages are much more common than you may think, occurring in 10-25% of all recognized pregnancies. Even 7-16% of Chicago egg donation pregnancies result in miscarriage. Still, this statistic does nothing to alleviate your pain or to answer your many questions.

Obviously, even after a miscarriage, your objective of raising a family still takes precedence. However, after you’ve taken time to grieve and recover, you probably have concerns about trying again. How soon is too soon? Did I do something wrong during conception? Am I at risk for any health complications? Couples of all walks of life bring up these questions most often when they discuss future pregnancies with their physicians.

First things first: Don’t blame yourself for a miscarriage. Researchers consider a vast majority of miscarriages as random events that are not likely to occur again. Up to 70% of first-trimester miscarriages are attributed to chromosomal anomalies which cannot be controlled by the prospective parents. Understand that many other couples have experienced the same event and gone on to have healthy children.

That being said, it’s important for you to discuss your miscarriage with your physician to ensure that there is no underlying cause. Your health comes first, especially when you want to conceive. Traditionally, most people indicate that a woman should wait 3-6 cycles before trying again, but there’s no evidence behind this claim. Studies show that women who attempt again before 3 cycles are just as likely to have a healthy conception as those who wait after 6. Once your physician gives you a clean bill of health, it’s safe to try again.

Every couple experiences conception and pregnancy differently. If traditional conception isn’t in the works for you, the Chicago egg donation team at First Smile is here to help. To learn more about the factors that affect your fertility or to schedule a consultation with one of our representatives, give us a call at 847-656-5276 today.