Loving Your Partner Through Egg Donation

More often than not, IVF and egg donation are primarily seen as women’s issues. Nearby couples try to find an egg donor in Chicago who has the attractiveness, intelligence, and other characteristics they want to pass on to their future child, since the prospective mother can’t do it herself. However, most people neglect to identify that the process of choosing IVF as a solution and selecting the right donor is just as much of an emotional transition for the intended father.

Over the years, research has shown that undergoing fertility treatments, especially when the results are unsuccessful, can increase levels of stress in both men and women. Valentine’s Day may already have come and passed, but it’s never too late to rekindle the romance when IVF struggles get you down. From the team at First Smile, here are three ways to love and support your partner – male or female – through egg donation:

  • Take the time to realize that you’re partaking in a miracle. Just 50 years ago, couples experiencing infertility didn’t have egg donation or IVF as options to help them grow the family of their dreams. Now, you have the option to be involved in an actual marvel of science. That’s pretty incredible, and something that everyone can celebrate.
  • Understand that you’re choosing egg donation for each other. For some couples, it’s hard to let go of the notion that their child will not be a 100% genetic match. No man or woman grows up to say, “I can’t wait to choose my egg donor.” But when you see that baby’s first smile, how much do genetics really matter? You’ve chosen egg donation to help yourself and your partner grow a loving nuclear family.
  • Realize that your partner may not be as prepared for the transition as you are. Even if you and your partner are dedicated to working together to help your family grow, your partner might not be as emotionally ready for IVF as you are. It doesn’t mean they don’t support you; everyone simply has their own pace in accepting alternative methods for family building. Going through counseling together can be a great way to help you reconnect and understand what your partner is really feeling about your impending journey.

Egg donation is just as much of a journey for a man as it is for a woman, but it’s a journey for you and your partner to take together. When you overcome the related stressors, you may find that your progress has brought you closer together. To find an egg donor in Chicago and help grow your family, call First Smile at 847-656-5276. Sign up for free to access our comprehensive egg donor database.