New Year, Same Struggles: Facing Infertility in the New Year

As we’ve mentioned many times before, and as you already know if you’ve experienced it firsthand, the struggles of infertility can seem like they will never end. You’ve tried the fertility treatments, changed your diet and lifestyle habits, and improved your overall health, and yet you still haven’t been able to bring home the pregnancy announcement to your family and friends.

Most people make a list of resolutions for the New Year, detailing the ways they hope to improve their lives by making adjustments to their physical and mental health and taking steps to reach their goals. While “conquering infertility” may be too big to put on the list, you can make resolutions to approach infertility in a different way so you’re not facing the same issues day after day. Here are just a few suggestions from the Chicago infertility and egg donation team at First Smile:


  • Resolve to contact your physician with questions, not Google. With so much information readily available to us on the internet, it may seem like the best solution to search for our deepest questions regarding infertility. However, every case is different, and the answers you find probably don’t apply directly to you, leading only to further heartache and stress. Your family physician knows your case inside and out and can answer your questions directly.
  • Resolve to maintain hope. We understand just how difficult it can be to keep your chin up when you’ve been facing the same troubles for such a long time. But rarely will you ever find someone whose life has gone exactly to plan. Keep looking for answers, stay active in your community and continue to seek better options. You’ll find the happiness you desire.
  • Resolve to share in others’ pregnancy joy. It can be difficult to be happy for someone who’s achieved the goal you’ve striven for so long, but don’t let their happiness become your bitterness. If you keep trying (see resolution 2), there’s a good chance you’ll have your own happy news to share someday.

This year is your year if you resolve to make it so. Instead of letting infertility get you down in the dumps, get involved with the infertility community. By connecting with other people sharing similar experiences, you may find you inch ever closer to finding the answers you want. To learn more or to schedule your appointment with a Chicago infertility and egg donation specialist, call First Smile at 847-656-5276 today.